Bring on the Pokemon doing things!

The trailer for Detective Pikachu dropped today. It’s…uh…oh…ah, who am I kidding? I’m totally going. Why the hell wouldn’t I spend $16 to watch Pikachu solve crimes and crack wise in Ryan Reynolds’s voice? And if you’re reading my crap, let’s face it: you’re definitely going too.

Is it just me, or is the world in the trailer surprisingly…dirty? It’s sort of hazy and gross in a way I wouldn’t have expected from the Pokemon franchise’s reputation. I guess air quality’s a problem when Koffing’s around.

And there is no way I’m leaving a drink unattended anywhere near that Jigglypuff.

Although I’m disappointed in the apparent lack of Team Rocket, I am very excited for what I hope will be merely the initial entry in a whole new genre of movies about Pokemon doing things. Sign me up for:

  • Accountant Slowpoke
  • Machop’s Flip that House!
  • Grimer Goes Back to School
  • Sous Chef Kadabra
  • Chansey Says “I Do!”
  • Crossfit Metapod
  • Snorlax: My 600-pound Life
  • Ombudsman Electabuzz
  • Kabuto’s Open Mic Night
  • Hooters HootHoot is a Hoot
  • My Substitute Teacher is a Psyduck

And many, many more as the Hollywood spinoff factory beats this one so far into the ground even a Diglett won’t be able to reach it!