New Years Resolutions for 2019

I’m not a huge believer in New Years resolutions, but they make for easy blog fodder. And most of these are relevant to my writing career anyway, so this post is actually significantly less off topic than all my wrestling bullshit no one reads.

  1. Learn how to bake. When most people meet me in person the omnipresent Sox cap, extensive collection of flannel shirts, and general lack of awareness of what’s new and cool on Netflix often leads them to believe I’m some dumb bro. They’re only slightly less flabbergasted by my cooking skills than they are when they find out I’ve written a bunch of novels that don’t completely suck. I’m an ace with a Weber, I can chop a beautiful mirepoix, and my sausage stew is so good I expect Guy Fieri to pull up in his convertible every time I make it. Dessert, however, confounds me. Normally if I’ve got solid directions for something it’s no problem-o, but the last few batches of cookies I tried to make came out as hard as hockey pucks and I am deathly afraid of anything involving a mixer. It’s time to fix that.
  2. Publish something with someone else. I’ve done it before. I can do it again. Deviant Magic will likely remain wholly self-published, but I need to try to expand both my network and my catalogue of work. I’ve got a fresh copy of the Novel and Short Story Writers Market I hope will help with that.
  3. Get better at marketing. If you’ve read my work you’re probably wondering why I’m not a bigger deal. It’s simple: I suck at marketing. Part of that, I think, is my disdain for advertising in general. I am so fucking tired of being marketed to every second of every day of my life and I don’t want to contribute to that noise. Unfortunately, nobody buys your shit if you don’t stick it in front of their noses. Sigh. I’ve already begun experimenting with HootSuite so I can schedule my advertising tweets ahead of time.
  4. Expand the fiction offerings on this site. Free short stories and more information about the world will probably sell more books than more rambling about unrelated bullshit. Hell, I might even expand into drawing some things. But don’t worry—the unrelated bullshit isn’t going anywhere.
  5. Eat more gyros. Following up on my very successful “eat more chicken parm subs” and “eat more quesadillas” resolutions of years past, I’m going to shove more Mediterranean delicacies down my gullet.