“He’s an asshole.”

“True, but he’s devilishly competent and he’s on our side.”

“Are we sure about that last part?”

Council of Intelligence Driff is a cold, calculating man who serves as Evitankari’s spymaster. He’s responsible for the city’s day-to-day security and for gathering information relevant to elven interests around the world. His omnipresent spectacles, black trench coat, and silver six shooter make him instantly recognizable.

Upon failing to prove he possessed any innate magical abilities by his twelfth birthday, young Driff’s memory was wiped and he was exiled to the remote island of Poa to live out his days with a community of similarly magic-less elves. The boy turned out to be a late bloomer, however. Four years later, after stealing a plate of freshly baked cookies from a neighbor, Driff manifested a talent for turning himself invisible while hiding in a cabinet. That same talent helped him stowaway aboard an elven vessel departing with a load of naridimide ore. The crew, recognizing his abilities, returned him to Evitankari.

Young Driff was welcomed back as a prodigal son. His newfound skill with magic, sharp intellect, and borderline photographic memory attracted the attention of the intelligence community, which drafted him into its ranks. Driff’s rise was swift and sudden. His quick thinking saved a fact-finding mission in Malta. He proved his ability with a sidearm in Pyongyang by strategically incapacitating a witness who otherwise would’ve fled. And in Norway, Driff tracked down a notorious ex-pat with a rap sheet miles long, brought the man in for questioning, and then proved his innocence on all counts thanks to an accounting discrepancy and an odd trail of baked goods.

The incident that truly put him on Evitankari’s cultural map, however, occurred approximately three years after his return. A strange fungal illness spread among the employees at Port, the city’s primary connection to the rest of the world. The official investigation cited mold buildup in the facility’s water supply. Driff didn’t buy it. Acting on a hunch, he began paying closer attention to the shipments moving into and out of Port. Turns out the normally meticulous cataloging of imports and exports had missed certain suspicious containers regularly arriving late at night, when staffing levels were typically low. It turned out to be contraband destined for the gnomes living in Evitankari’s sewers: warenna mushrooms, grown in the areas near Talvayne’s terrible Rot, infectious to elves and humans but a powerful aphrodisiac for the tiny fae. Driff spent months methodically recording the contraband’s movement and gathering the evidence to prove that those at the top of the intelligence community knew all about it–and were turning quite a profit in the process. When Council of Intelligence <name> was exiled for his role, the dedicated young investigator who’d brought him down became the natural candidate to succeed him. Driff won the election in a landslide.

A private man, Driff keeps his personal life to himself. He’s known to go the extra mile to help those he trusts and rumor has it he’s similarly dedicated to bringing down those who do him wrong. He’s occasionally spotted enjoying live music in the Scar or perusing the biography aisles in the city’s expansive library. It’s likely these are places where he wants to be seen, given his borderline compulsive habit of traveling invisibly. His neighbors consider him approachable if not entirely friendly.

Unbeknownst to anyone in Evitankari, the Council of Intelligence has maintained his connection with the exiles on Poa. He visits his family there every few months.

At the start of the Deviant Magic series, Driff is once again called into action in a strange corner of the world: a small town called Harksburg, Indiana, where the local human population suddenly can’t die. A quick tip from a local informant is enough to get him pointed in the right direction, but he quickly realizes this isn’t a problem he’s likely to solve on his own.