Go ahead

Tell me again how the party that wants to criminalize reproductive health is the party of small government.

Tell me again how outlawing procedures that can save a mother’s life is good and wholesome and in line with family values.

Tell me again how the zealots working to eliminate the line between church and state respect the Constitution and the intentions of its founders.

Tell me again how you call yourself pro-life even though you think guns are more important than children.

Tell me again about the wonders of trickle-down economics, or how rich assholes hiding their money in offshore accounts are job creators, or how it’s A-Ok for gas companies to rake in record profits while gouging the rest of us.

Tell me again that it’s acceptable to turn wide swathes of the planet into an unlivable hellscape in the name of business.

Tell me again why the supposed Party of Personal Responsibility says I should care about the jobs of a bunch of coal miners who refuse to keep up with the rest of the world.

Tell me again about all the election fraud, and why certain states say I can’t give water to someone waiting in line to vote, and how ruthlessly gerrymandered district maps are fine and dandy.

Tell me again about the children supposedly getting abused by liberal lizard people in a pizza place’s basement while you ignore all the ways your leaders take advantage of literally everyone around them.

Tell me again that the orange guy didn’t really mean any of the horrible things he said and that he cares about more than just enriching himself.

And you. On the other side. Go ahead.

Tell me again why you didn’t codify reproductive health into law when you controlled all three branches of government.

Tell me again why it’s ok to use your opponents’ bullshit as a fundraising tool minutes after it happens.

Tell me again that you can’t adjust the rules so you can get things done when your opponents have proven they have no problem doing the same.

Tell me again how change takes generations when I just saw six assholes in stupid robes roll back thirty years of progress with one fucking vote.

Tell me again why I’m required to purchase health insurance from companies that shouldn’t exist and do nothing but make the whole system suck more for everybody involved.

Tell me again that forgiving the asinine amounts of debt created by the exploitative higher education system isn’t worth doing.

Tell me again that going high when they go low is anything other than bullshit designed to keep us all docile and going to work so no one challenges you and your rich friends.

And I’ll tell you that I’m going to vote for your useless asses again because the other side is literally the Decepticons, and because even though I don’t believe in you, I wholeheartedly believe in what your party claims it stands for and the changes its more progressive members are trying to make.

But go ahead. Both of you. Keep telling me all these things. Let’s see how that goes – because someday I will find someone that tells me what I actually want to hear and then follows through on it, and then your asses are both out of a job.

Author Commentary

I went back and forth on whether to publish this one. On the one hand, I’m pissed off about the country’s apparent direction and I wanted to use the small platform I have to express that. On the other hand, a piece like this runs the risk of making readers think that voting Democrat doesn’t matter, which is something I do not at all believe to be true. Stopping or slowing the flow of bullshit, even temporarily, is important.

My entire point is that I’m frustrated with the recent Supreme Court rulings, really fucking worried about what’s coming next, and royally pissed that a small cult of grifters and scumbags has been able to hijack so much of our government by exploiting outdated rules and institutions made vulnerable by the amazingly dumb assumption that everyone involved would be operating on good faith. Meanwhile, the opposition’s entire mission statement has become “we’re going to just sit here with our thumbs up our asses, but at least we’re not those fuckers!” That just sucks, and that won’t change until Democratic leadership gets louder, bolder, and more in touch with the general population. Shout out to people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Stacey Abrams, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who I believe are doing what they can in spite of the party’s horrible leadership.

Anyway, let’s end on a profanity, because this situation calls for it. God damn motherfucking bullshit.