Scott’s 2022 writing goals

Resolutions are for more reliable people who aren’t so easily distracted by video games and beer. Goals, though–those are fungible and can be worded in a way that lets me say “yeah, I mostly did that” in between grasping excuses. Huzzah!

Things I’m totally going to accomplish, I swear

  1. Finish up the second Black Yonnix book. This is the big one; it’s taken longer than I expected, but there’s been progress. I came back from a trip up to Portland with a decent-for-me outline of the remainder.
  2. Finish the sixth Deviant Magic book. Do you like that scheming jerkwad, Council of Intelligence Driff? Good, because you’re headed straight into his brain. If you don’t like Driff, then I’m sad and that hurts me.
  3. Post a new blog entry here every week. I know; I’ve tried this before, so what’s different this time? I’m getting ahead. By the time you read this I’ll have four or five entries in the can, ready to roll when I need them.
  4. Post a new short story here quarterly. Doing this monthly was fun, but it was a lot of work and sort of swallowed all my writing time. But once every three months? I can do that.

Stretch goals I will probably make excuses about

  1. Complete “Brimstone.” Thanks to some excellent feedback from my writing group, this has become a dive into samsara and how that cycle of rebirth might work in the modern world.
  2. Keep “Chester” moving. This is a very weird idea that popped into my head that I’m sort of in love with. I cranked out the first chapter in the bar one night and haven’t gone back to it since. Let’s find out if it’s a one night stand or a real keeper.
  3. Enter short story competitions. Because I can do this, and because I should probably get some use out of the Duotrope subscription I keep forgetting I paid for.
  4. Use this Writer Emergency Pack for something. This deck of writing prompts you’re supposed to refer to when you get stuck was a very thoughtful Christmas gift–and is just the sort of thing I should be able to use for something fun, on top of its intended purpose. Let’s see what I can do.
  5. Become the swolest fantasy author in Cambridge. If I have to fight all the other authors in town to prove my dominance, I will absolutely do so. Local genre writers who wish to avoid battle may bend the knee at their convenience.