Book Five: Vengeance Squad

When the Tallisker tower in Detroit exploded, evil even more demonic than usual had to be behind it. Finding out would take a team of highly trained individuals, each specialists in their field.

This is not that team.

  • Ren Roberts, rich jerk.
  • Lil, multi-time Employee of the Month at Donovan’s.
  • Rotreego, disgraced former Pintiri of Evitankari.
  • Isabel Salinas Hernandez, demonic fixer.
  • Muffintop, scrapbooking enthusiast.

Alone, each is a disaster. Together, they’re a complete catastrophe—and they’re headed on a collision course with the demon who killed Ed Roberts, the one man who bound them all together.

In a complicated world made all the more fraught by devious conspiracies and terrifying magic, no one can go it alone. These five know that if they want vengeance, they’re gonna need a squad.

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